About this meeting

Dear Colleagues:

    Welcome to the 67th Annual Obstetrical and Gynecological Assembly of Southern California. This meeting is one of the oldest conferences in our field in Southern California, and carries great pride and prestige. Throughout its history, the meeting has evolved in keeping with the needs of clinicians and academicians in the community and continues to contribute to the education of its attendees.
    The planning committee has put together an exciting and ambitious program to provide a comprehensive update on contemporary issues. Outstanding faculty have been invited based on their areas of expertise and reputation as excellent speakers. As in the past, the Luncheon Roundtables are a major highlight. By opening up dialogue between the faculty and attendees, we hope to enhance the educational experience and enjoyment of the program.
    The program concentrates on Obstetrics on the first day of the meeting, and Gynecology on the second day, allowing attendees more freedom in selecting their personal areas of interest. Each attendee will receive a CD-ROM version of the syllabus for more flexible and permanent access.
    Due to its success, we are continuing to reserve Friday evening for the Alumni society dinner.
    This conference offers an opportunity to participate in a Southern Californian tradition with personal access to the faculty, informative round table luncheons and fabulous exhibits. Please join us this year! We look forward to seeing you and hope that we have put together a meeting not to be missed.

    Thank you for your attendance and continued support of the Assembly.

Christine Holschneider MD
Program Chair, 67th Obstetrical and Gynecological Assembly of Southern California